Enabling Paypal 2FA is a must!

There have been reports circulating around the internet a week ago, about login hack on paypal which bypassed the it's authentication process through a stolen account. It has been said that stolen paypal accounts are sold at dark web for as little as for $1.50. 

We can never tell when we'll be a victim of these thieves in the future, so let's secure it through adding 2FA process. These will add some extra step to get in to the paypal but I'm sure anyone of you would agree that we're more than willing to do extra efforts just to ensure our security won't be compromised. 

So far there are no reports or claims that the 2FA process of paypal has been compromised so I think it's enough reason to activate it.

Here the steps how you can enable Paypal's 2FA.

  • Login your paypal account
  • Go to Security page - Just click the "Security" tab next after the "Account"
  • Click 2-step verification - A popup form will display where you can enter your phone number and after that, paypal will send you a verification code to enable the 2FA. After this step every time your login your paypal account, an OTP is required before you can login to your paypal.

I also recommened to add a backup device which you can enter in 2-step verification popup form. This is just in case your is the one that got stolen.

That's it! Your paypal account is now more secure than before.