Easy Multi-Step Form


Easy Multi-Step Form is a hubspot module that will turn any hubspot form into a multi-step form the easy way! This module utilizes the hubspot api submit form to fully create an intuitive interface of a form.


Key features

  • Mobile ready - The form tested and works to any device.
  • Customizable - Can update the colors of background, text and buttons to match on your theme
  • Easy to use - Adding steps through the module


How to use

The easy multi-step form has following fields; 

  1. Title - will be displayed at the very top of the module’s section and can be removed by leaving it empty.
  2. Description - will be displayed after the title and can be removed by leaving it empty.
  3. Steps - a group of fields in a repeater which has the following fields;
    1. Title - this will be displayed in the header of the form panel.
    2. Description - this will be displayed in the header of the form panel after the title.
    3. Number of Fields - this is the number of fields that this step will display. Please note that the two or multi-column field is considered as 1 field.
    4. Auto Fill - during the last step, all the exceeded fields will be placed automatically on the last step and ignore whatever the number of fields you put on it.
    5. Auto Remove - Exceeded steps will not be shown once it has no fields to display.
  4. Form - a form which will be the source of the fields and thank you message or redirect url to use to redirect after submitting the form.
  5. Options - These are the fields where you can change the coloring of the module
    1. Section Background Color
    2. Section Text Color
    3. Panel Header Background Color
    4. Panel Header Text Color
    5. Panel Background Color
    6. Panel Text Color
    7. In-Active Progress Color
    8. Active Progress Color
    9. Progress Text Color
    10. Button Color
    11. Button Hover Color
    12. Button Text Color


Visual Guide

Here are the image slides that could help you know more about how the module works.


If you have any concern about the module you can reach out to me through my email, [email protected].

Please note that we do not shoulder the paypal's service fee for refunds.