Hubspot Mortgage Calculator


Mortgage Calculator module is suitable for any realty related industry. This module helps your user make estimates for their home loan.

Key Features

  • Customizable Look and Feel
    • Background Color
    • Text Color
  • Mobile Ready
  • Custom Class
  • Custom Currency Symbol

How Module Works

Module can be added in template or in website page inside a flex module.

Options enables you to update the following:

  • Custom Class - Intended for advance user to be able to update the css style
  • Enable Options - This will show all options to customize the module.
  • Font - To change the font to use for this module.
  • Background - To change the sections background color or use image as background too.
  • Container - There 3 options to choose from, custom class, full width and custom width.
    • Custom width allows you to put a specific width of the container
    • Custom class allows you to put a class
    • Full width is will put 100% in module as width
  • Currency Symbol- Allows you to change the currency symbol that correspond to your target.
  • Title - This is a title page that display above the calculator
  • Description - These are the text or content that will be displayed next after the title.


Please send an email to [email protected] if you have any concerns.