Pricing Table

Pricing Table Module has some features for you to customize the look and feel without touching the code.

Below are the steps how you can customize it:

Options will be the first one you will see once you view the module from your hubspot cms.

Under options, at first only see currency symbol was editable. 

Enabling the advance option will show other fields to customize the module.

Here in look and feel section, you can update the colors that the module is using, we recommend you to use a contrasting colors like white and black.

These 2 color are used alternately by panels and buttons and is inverted once you set the plan as featured.

Style enables you to change the corners to round or square.

Background section enables you to change the background of the whole section, could be a color or an image including of changing the background properties.

Container have 3 options to choose from between Custom Class where you can put a class to match on your template, Full Width and Custom Width.

Section Title and Description are the texts that will display above the pricing plan and is optional.

In Plans Section , you can add up to 4 frequency which will serve as the Tabs above the Price Chart and up to 4 Pricing each frequency. Note that if you only put one frequency the Tab wont show.

Click the Add button then select a frequency you desired.


Click + Add to add a pricing plan then fill-up the fields with their corresponding data. 

Title will be the very first text will show on the pricing chart, next is image also a toggle button to set it as free.

Next are for the details and button.

Just repeat the step to add another one.


Please don't hesitate to send an email for any concerns. [email protected]