Youtube Video Library

Youtube Video Library


Youtube Video Library Module is an easy way to display your youtube videos into your website by just putting an API key and Username or Channel ID. This saves you a lot of time from embedding your youtube videos individually in hubdb or in content pages.


Key Features

  • Customizable Look and Feel
    • Section background
    • Font
  • Mobile Ready
  • Full Ajax
  • Youtube API Integration
  • Built in breadcrumbs

How the module works

Options enables you to update the following:

  • Item per page - How many products displayed each page
  • Font - To change the font to use for this module.
  • Background - To change the sections background color or use image as background too.
  • Container - There 3 options to choose from, custom class, full width and custom width.
    • Custom width allows you to put a specific width of the container
    • Custom class allows you to put a class
    • Full width is will put 100% in module as width

Section Title - It'll be the text that serve as a title for the module.

Description - This will be the content that will display below the section title. You may put anything you want there.

Youtube API Key - This will be the heart of the module in order for it to work, you can get it through following the steps below:

  1. You must have a google or youtube account.
  2. Go to this link. An screenshot below should be the one you're seeing now.
  3. Now click the Select a project, expect a popup screen and click the New Project.
  4. Enter your project name to it (you may enter what ever you like) then Click the Create button and wait until google finish creating your project.
  5. Once google finish creating your project it'll be selected and enables you to add API and services you needed. Just Click the Enable APIS AND SERVICES.
  6. Since Google has a lot of APIs to select from, let's use the search and find youtube.
  7. Select Youtube Data API v3
  8. Then Click the Enable Button and wait until it loads you back to the dashboard
  9. Now Click the Credentials from the sidebar, click create credential and select API key

  10. That's it! You have the API key we needed to run this module. Just click the duplicate icon next to it to copy.

  11. Then the last is paste it on to the module.

Source of Video - Source video has 2 options to select from, between Youtube User and Youtube Channel.

Channel ID - This field will be available once you select a Youtube Channel, this is where you need to put your Channel ID. And if you don't know how to get your channel ID, we've prepared you a simple steps to follow:

  1. Go to and click settings.
  2. Then Click Advance Settings from there you can see your channel ID

Username - Available only if you select Youtube User and if your account is somewhat new, your only option is channel as this is only available to an older accounts. 

Max Videos - Number of videos to fetch from your latest uploaded video. Up to 50 videos only.

After Video Description Content - The content you put in here will be available on video page next after the details of video. Ideal if you have a third party code web services want to integrate like disquz commenting anything.

Before Playlist Content (Sidebar) - The content you put in here will be available on video page's sidebar before the list of videos.

Before Playlist Content (Sidebar) - The content you put in here will be available on video page's sidebar afterthe list of videos.

Please send an email to [email protected] if you have any concerns.