How to install phpPgAdmin

Hey, it's been a while! By any chance, are looking for an easy step how to install phppgadmin in your server? Searching how to install phppgadmin with nginx? or apache? We'll I hope this one works for you!

Choosing between mysql and posgresql for laravel, I always go for postgresql for some reason. :)

This tutorial assumed you've already have postgre installed in your server and only looking for a web manager so in case you don't have it yet, please install it first.

These steps are applicable to whether your web server is apache or nginx.

Step 1: Download the phppgadmin files
You can download it by cloning their repository

cd /path/to/your/www
git clone git:// pgadmin

Or manually download it here Upload and extract it in your server.

Step 2: Update the configuration
Copy the file /path/to/your/www/pgadmin/conf/ to /path/to/your/www/pgadmin/conf/
Then open it, find and update this line $conf['servers'][0]['host'] = ''; to $conf['servers'][0]['host'] = 'localhost';

And if ever you've set a different port then replace the default port 5432 to the one you have.

Step 3: Test it!

That's it, enjoy!

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