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Enabling Paypal 2FA is a must!

There have been reports circulating around the internet a week ago, about login hack on paypal which bypassed the it's authentication process through a stolen account. It has been said that stolen paypal accounts are sold at dark web for as little as for $1.50. 

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How to create a custom order status in woocommerce!

Woocommerce has 7 order statuses the moment you install it in your wordpress website(pending, failed, on-hold, cancelled, refunded and completed). These statuses are enough for an ecommerce website’s order processes but some might want to add more steps on it.

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How to install phpPgAdmin

Hey, it's been a while! By any chance, are looking for an easy step how to install phppgadmin in your server? Searching how to install phppgadmin with nginx? or apache? We'll I hope this one works for you! 

Choosing between mysql and posgresql for laravel, I always go for postgresql for some reason. :)

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Animate the CSS display

Hello mates, it's been awhile! Did you develop your own slider or tab using jquery/javascript and used display block/none on it but wonder how you could animate it though css?

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